Funeral Check List


     Priest contacted

     Funeral Director contacted

For Registration  

     Birth and Marriage Certificates

     Pension Book

     Medical Certificate (Form 11)

From Registrar  

     Form 14 for Funeral Director

     Form BD8 for D.S.S

     Death Certificate for Bank, insurance etc

General Arrangenments

     Undertaker informed / asked to arrange


     Burial or cremation?

     Where Funeral service is to be held?

     Cars, limousines, coach ordered

     Flowers and messages for the cards

     Obituary Notice

     Catering: where and how many

     Hall / Restuarant booked?

     Priest, organist (gratuities)

     People to carry coffin arranged

     People to take cords for burial arranged

     Any other arrangements


For an "Arranging a Funeral" brochure click here

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Police: (Directing Traffic)
If you anticipate a large crowd to walk with the hearse on the evening when the remains are going to church, or if it is in the dark winter evenings, the police are happy to provide an escort and stop traffic as needed. They will need prior warning of the date and time.

Check List (tick off as each task is completed)