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St Mary's
Roman Catholic Church

Welcome to the Web Site of St Mary's Roman Catholic Parish in the Diocese of Motherwell, Scotland.

St Mary’s is a thriving parish of some 1,300 souls, with a proud history in Lanark that stretches back to the 1850's. From the opening of the first church in 1859 - right up to 2006 - the parish was under the care of the Vincentian Fathers.  A proud and unique claim for any parish in Scotland!

In June 2006 the Vincentian Fathers passed the baton on to the Diocese of Motherwell, of which Lanark is a part. The parish is now looked after by diocesan clergy. We are privileged to take up where the Vincentian Fathers left off, and we will always be grateful to the Vincentian Fathers for their dedicated service to the people of Lanark.

Of course St Marys link with the Vincentian Community did not end with the last Vincentian Father - not least since we continue to have the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul in our parish.

In this website you’ll find lots of interesting information about the people and events of the first 150 years of St Mary's. And lots of information about what is happening in our parish RIGHT NOW!

It may be that you are a member of St Mary’s parish; or maybe a former member. Perhaps you are an active member of the Catholic Church, or some other Church; or it may be that you are not closely aligned to any Church. You might know Lanark ‘like the back of your hand’ - or just finding Scotland in your atlas may be a major problem. No matter. Thank you for your interest in us and for taking the time to visit this Site. I feel certain your time will not be wasted

And finally, if you are ever in Lanark PLEASE visit us. You are guaranteed a warm welcome and an opportunity to visit one of the finest Gothic style churches in the country.

   God bless!


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