Marriage Register

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Wedding Search Interface
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This page will be of very special interest to all with family links to St Mary’s parish. Listed here you will find details of all weddings celebrated in St Mary’s since the parish was established in 1859. You can choose to scroll through all weddings by date, or search for specific weddings by surname of groom, bride, witness, or even by priest

Please note that, while every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of information, this cannot always be guaranteed. A particular problem arises with Christian names which - up until 1960 - were recorded (in our marriage register) in latin. They are here recorded in English, but since eg ‘Mary’, ‘Mhairi’, ‘Maria’, ‘Maisie’, ‘May’, ‘Maimie’, 'Moira' and 'Maureen' are all represented by the latin name ‘Maria’ - translating them back into English poses a problem. In this example all ‘Maria’s’ in our marriage register have here been given the English name ‘Mary’.